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Try this arms and abs barre workout for more obliques exercises like this. A. Lay down with knees bent and feet flat on floor, hips width apart. Holding either a small exercise ball or light weight, point elbows out to the side and curl up, pressing lower back down into the mat..Try these exercises for amazing obliques..Personal Fitness Trainer Nada is presenting you a great home workout to get the skinny waist and strong abs .Best Oblique Exercises for Strength, Power, and Function. Medicine Ball Rotational Throw. Stand a few feet away from a wall with your shoulder facing the wall. Decline Oblique Crunches. Lay back on a decline bench. Plate Twist. Seated Barbell Twist. Side Jackknife..”This exercise targets the obliques but you will also work all of the abdominal muscles,” Burrell says. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat to the floor. Place your hands behind your head, engage your core and do a full sit up. Lower back down to start. Repeat this movement alternating sides each time..While exercises that target your abs usually involve lots of crunch type movements, exercises that hit your obliques involve a lot of twisting and side bending,..Obliques help you flex and rotate your spine, and they protect against back injury when you move something heavy. These three exercises .

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