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Exercises to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top. Side Plank Oblique Crunch. Elbow directly under shoulder. Russian Twist. Keep core engaged and chest up. Low Side Plank Twists. Elbow directly under shoulder. Bicycle Crunches. Core engaged and low back flat to the mat. High Plank Knee Crosses. Windshield Wipers..Dead Bug. A. B. View larger. A. Lie faceup with arms fully extended along sides. Double Criss Cross. A. View larger. A. Lie faceup with knees bent into chest, hands behind head. Pretzel Knee Crunch. A. B. View larger. A. Elbow Plank Hip Rainbow. A. B. View larger. A. Swimming. A. B. View larger. A. Side Plank Plie A. B. .So, do the total body workouts along with this muffin top destroyer exercises to get a yummilicious waistline! Candlestick Dipper Image Shutterstock. Hip Dips Image Shutterstock. Rolling Plank Image Shutterstock. Butt Lift Image Shutterstock. Hip Twists Image Shutterstock. Bicycle Crunches Russian Twist .Whether you call it love handles, muffin top or extra cushion, losing that mid section fat can be frustrating. But if you take an extra step in your workout and focus .Even if you only have five minutes, you can fit in an ab workout. This workout targets the obliques to tone the muffin top and will work your .If a newfound muffin top is making you wary of ditching your cozy Winter layers, add these three waist whittling moves to your regular workout once a week to .Trim your muffin top by adding these expert recommended moves to your regular workouts and, of course, by cutting back on fattening foods ..

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