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These chest exercises are perfect for women who want to strengthen the pec muscles and give their bust line a lift, the natural way! STABILITY BALL CHEST PRESS. DUMBBELL PUL.R. ELBOW SQUEEZE SHOULDER PRESS. MEDICINE BALL PUSH UP. DUMBBELL PLANK ROTATION. CHEST FLY. COBRA LAT PULLDOWN. TRICEP DIPS..As with any other muscle group, you need a sufficient level of exercise variety and weight resistance training in your program. A combination of bench press, incline bench press, cable or dumbbell flyes and push ups is the variation and difficulty you should be aiming for..Sample Chest Training Program. Flat Barbell Bench Press. set of repetitions. set of repetitions. set of repetitions. Incline DB Bench Press. set of repetitions. set of repetitions. set of repetitions. Flat Bench Fly. set of repetitions. set of repetitions. set of repetitions..Here is your guide to the most effective and best chest exercises for women that you should include in your routine..These chest workouts for women will help you shape and strengthen your pecs in no time..Page | Find out why the pushup, chest presses and these other chest exercises for women can help lift your bust so you look better in shirts. Working out your .The ultimate guide to the best chest exercises for women. Learn how to get firm bust and find workout routines..Many women shy away from chest specific exercises because they think their breasts will decrease in size. Some of you snicker, but this fear .

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